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Welcome to the website of Ruvan Construction.  Ruvan Construction Company operates from Bloemfontein in the Free Sate. The Company has got over 13 years experience in civil construction. We excel in everything we do and our work is of the highest standard. We provide value to our customers and place a high priority on work ethics.

We provide the following services:

  • Mentoring of upcoming contractors
  • Plumbing and water pipe installations
  • Road preparations
  • Building
  • Paving
  • Various other civil and engineering work

Our equipment and labour is in house and therefore we provide a one stop service to the client cutting cost to the client.

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Company Background .

The company has 13 years experience in the civil construction environment which includes the laying of water pipes to rural villages and other major projects. Before starting his own company the director of Ruvan Construction worked for several big construction companies ie: HT Peletona, Lohan Civils, Ivoyo Consulting Engineers, Bigen Africa, Kwezi V3, Africon, Iliso Consulting and Camdekon Engineers.

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